A fund-raising film for New York Public Radio’s classical music station featuring Liev Schreiber and many of the stations hosts.
Directed by David Fincher and written and creative directed by Biro, this commercial for Coca-Cola Japan won the inaugural AICP award and was installed as the first TV commercial in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City.
Intro spot for “The World Needs Interesting" ad campaign.
Excerpts from a series of over 50 “Never Miss a Moment” branded webisodes which aired throughout the tournament – a mix of original interviews and archival footage.
One of America’s leading designers discusses his thoughts on hotel design in a series of webisodes for Morgans Hotel Group.
The story of Hancock’s collaborative process with an eclectic mix of artists who include Sting, Annie Lennox, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon, Christina Aguilera, John Mayer and others. Directed by Biro and Jon Fine.  Produced by Alex Gibney and Biro.
A live recording session mixed with film footage from the movie “Nine.”
This healthcare company’s recognition of the special challenges of being a caregiver.
This iconic film director in a wide-ranging conversation about the movie business and the democratization of filmmaking in the digital age.
Commissioned by Random House, this 30-minute film is both a look into a story of repressed love on a couple’s wedding night and the great British novelist who wrote it.
A Thompson Hotel montage of original imagery from 10 hotels in NYC, Toronto, Beverly Hills, Big Sur, Hollywood and London.